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What's New around here?

18 September 2018: After a decades long haiatis, I have started to add content again. Check out my Roots

I now have yDNA results for my Bartold ancestors. The 12 marker test provided through the National Geographic 'Genegraphic Project' revealed the the progenitor of the Bartold family was most likely from Western Europe. Further testing with a 'Deep Clade' test from Family Tree DNA revealed that the Bartold line probably derived from Alpine Celts, i.e. Celts who originatd in the Alpine region, often identified with the La Tène culture. The Haplogroup is generally refered to as R-L2*, shorthand for R1b1a2a1a1b3c*. 'L2' is the distingushing mutation the defines the subgroup in the R tree. '*' indicates that we've tested the markers for all the possible (known) subgroups of R-L2 and they've all come up negative (L21-, L196-).

This appears to put the origin of my Bartold line, if Germanic in origin, somewhere back in southern Germany or Switzerland. This coincides well with the origin of the name.

I need to update the history and researcher listing with new information, especially stuff gleaned from foreign language encyclopedias and biographies, but that will happen slowly. It turns out that there are a lot more "Bertold" families in Italy than I ever expected, along with appearances in Croatia, Spain, Sweden and Denmark (among others).

One "negative" change is that I've removed the "herb" images that I had posted. I didn't realize they were recent artwork, and thought they were in public domain. When I found out I was wrong, I removed them from my site. However, I hope to get permission from the publisher to repost them.

One "positive" change is that I've added a general LDS index to Poland. Hopefully I can redo this later to be slicker, but it's better than nothing!

LDS Helper

As some of you might already know, the LDS has made their Microfilm Indices available online. Well, being a regular at the FHC, and looking at the computer based indexes, and not the microfiche, I find it nearly impossible to use the Online System as they have set it up.

So as a value added feature of the Bartold Web Site, I will be adding my own versions of their indices. I have set up a few pages of links that show you the names of all the parishes that the LDS has cataloged, and each link will get you directly to the Parish index. It's quicker, and you can see ahead of time which parishes exist, and you don't need to know the exact spelling (was that Piotrkow or Piotrokow? I never remember).

I have been meaning to go back and do the other provinces, but never have, so I've added a general "all provinces" page that lists all 25 provinces that the LDS considers as part of Poland (the 17 pre-1975 provinces, 7 provinces that existed 1921-1939, and Suwalki province).

Polish Provinces LDS FHC locality search helper. (added Feb 27, 2000)
Thom's Warszawa Province LDS FHC locality search helper.
Thom's Lodz Province LDS FHC locality search helper.


We were named the Connect With Surnames "Surname Resource of the Month" for February 1999. Needless to say, but I will say it anyway, I am pleased and honored.

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Welcome to a place for all Bartold's wherever they may be.

The Bartold Surname (and variations) can be found historically in many countries. I would like to orient this site to supporting research on the main variations that can be found in Poland (Bartold, Bartol~d, Bartol~dy), in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (Bartold, Bertold, Barthold, Berthold, Berchtold), in Russia (Bartold), in Italy (Bartold, Bartoldo, Bertoldo, Bartoldi), in France (Bartholdi) and in other countries in Europe, including the Latinized versions in the Netherlands and Denmark (Bartoldus, Bertoldus).

Currently, in order to include everyone, we need to include many other countries, due to the more recent cross migrations of people in Europe. But this is dependant on finding researchers who are willing to to help. Also more recent (this century) emmigrations have sent Bartold's to the new world countries of USA, Canada and Australia. Here is where we find the most active researchers. As the children of wanderers, we begin to look back to the old countries and ask, "Where did we come from?" Having found my way back to Europe, and seeing that the name is not isolated, but has been spreading since the early middle ages, I now find myself asking, "where did Bartold come from?" I invite you to explore our history and heritage, and present these pages, which include a large portion of the information that has been gathered so far, as a start. Unfortunately this work is only beginning.

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