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Surname Databases

First some general info and acknowledgements for the databases.

Kith and Kin: The "bartold" database is my own, and I've used the Kith and Kin shareware program to get it on computer and then produce my GEDCOM file. I was using Kith and Kin mainly because it's the only windows program that seemed to do accented characters nicely. It worked great under Windows 3.1 once I had some polish fonts to use, and it still worked nice with Windows 95, but it's out of date, and Windows 98 is different enough that all the old ways of doing accented fonts just don't work anymore. I'm waiting to see if the new version of the program can deal with it. The other main problem with it is you can not use a date like "abt. 1700".

Family Tree Maker: Both the "bartolt" and "christa" databases were produced using Family Tree Maker so I decided to try this also. Two problems arise. The major problem is that it does not recognize accented characters. OK, it recoznizes the standard French and German accents, but not Polish or other Central European. So when I type the following letters: polish accented characters What actually show up are the following: garbled polish accented characters But at least I can now enter dates like "bef. 1960". Now this is where the the second minor problem shows up. There main trick involved in getting Ged2Html to work with data from Family Tree Maker, was stripping the period off the "ABT." or "BEF." prefixes, but it is worth the effort to make better data available.

Privacy: I have tried to suppress the data for all living people using the GEDClean program, but it doesn't work completely automatically. I would like to see it recognize, for instance, that if a child was born more than 100 years ago, the parent should also not be living, even if the date of death is unknown. Oh well. I have had problems with all of the "cleaning" programs in general, but this one seems adequate for now. If you have experience with this sort of thing and would like to offer advice, please contact me.

Going Online: The online trees were created with Ged2Html, and have attempted to keep the page sizes under 40K, so they should load quickly. I have chosen only create pedigree charts, but up through thee generations. Ged2Html, along with other programs, also produces a genealogical indexing (or "gendex") file, and the data is registered with GenDex by Gene Stark (no longer available) and GenMatch by Chris Perry (also no longer available), which are good places to start if you're looking for people who might be able to share online genealogical with you. I have also asked to have the "bartold", "bartolt", and "christa" data listed at GenTree by Tim Doyle, which is also a huge index of online genealogical databases. I have not submitted them to GenServ yet (this service is not free but it is also not expensive).

Dates and Updates: Both the Index and the Surnames pages show the date of the last database update. I won't include that date here, since this page will probably not be updated as often. Keep checking them for updates!

Bartold Surname Database

This Database is from my own research and includes all my known ancestors, along with some genealogical info on historical Bartold's who are mentioned in the Herbarz Books (Polish Armorials) dating back to the early 1400's.

It also includes my other ancestors like Marcin Wojcinski, who immigrated in 1883 (or so). In case you're interested in some old time reporting, I found this newpaper clipping reporting his death in 1909.

The original GEDCOM uses ISO-8859-2 for the polish accented characters. An updated version uses UTF-8, now that the GEDCOM 5.5 standard supports UTF-8 encoding.

Index of Persons Surnames The actual GEDCOM File A UTF-8 version of the GEDCOM File

Bartolt or Paluki Database

This Database is from Walt Zalenski's research into the "Bartolt" families in Pałuki and Zielona parishes. The spelling Bartolt (or Bartołt or Bartółt) is the traditional spelling of the name in Poland in the 17th to 19th centuries, so Walt has preserved it in his own data.

The Pałuki parish is right next to the Gołymin parish which is where my own research lies. And the Zielona parish contains the village of Bartołdy, where the Bartold nobles started out in the 15th century.

More of Annita and Walt Zalenski's research data is available at their Family Tree Maker Page or at their GeoCities Page.

Index of Persons Surnames The actual GEDCOM File

Christa's Database

This Database is from Christa Shukaitis's research into many of the polish noble families in the Ciechanow area. She has data from many of the parishes, in the area from Pułtusk to Mława, and dating back to the late 1600's and spanning 13 generations. That's quite an accomplishment with the Polish archives. Christa and I actually have a 4th great grandparent in common, Jan Kuligowski, born in 1775.

Christa went to Poland in 1998 and here's her trip report. I think it's very much worth reading, and I'm really glad she let me post it here.

Index of Persons Surnames The actual GEDCOM File

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