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This image is reprinted without permission from
Herby rycerstwa polskiego
na zamku w Kórniku
grzymala herb


It was published as a series of 71 booklets describing the 71 coats-of-arms on the ceiling of one of the rooms in the castle in Kornik plus 2 additional booklets with introductory material and with an index of surnames. The texts were selected by Jerzy Wislocki, Ryszard Marciniak and Stanislaw Potocki from historical armorials and other sources. The illustrations are by Jiri Necas, a Czech artist living in Poznan. The series was published in the years 1988-1991 and is still available both as individual arms booklets and a two volume bound set from Biblioteka Kornicka (Kornik Library, Polish Academy of Sciences).
The above text is taken from a message posted by Rafal Prinke [rafalp (at) amu.edu.pl] on the HERBARZ-L mailing list.

The image is intentionally blurred/compressed mainly to save disk space. The images on the pamphlets are better quality, and are generally 3.5 to 4 inches (about 9-10 cm) tall.

I'm sorry to disappoint those coming here for dipictions of arms, but here's a few links where you can find similar stuff.

Bibliotek Kornika

The Kornik Castle is located near Poznan, and you can visit its website above. Unfortunately they do not yet have information about their publications on the website.

Rycerskie HERBY Polaków

POLONIUM in Germany has extensive images along with the possibility to find family names associated with the Polish arms.

GUZIKI herbowe from MUZEUM GUZIKOW by Jacek Rutkowski>


This site has an extensive collecion of polish arms, although just images, and no information.

Polish Confederation of Nobles

Rafal Prinke's Home Page

Hopefully I will get information from the Kornik on how you can order the pamphlets, and will post that here. To subscribe to the mailing list, which deals with polish nobility and heraldry, write to: HERBARZ-L-request (at) rootsweb.com and use the word subscribe as the subject.

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