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Here's what other visitors have had to say about my web site.

I need to set up a new guestbook, I haven't had one working for a few years. Here's a link to the most recont comments: comments archived as of August 06, 2007. And some of the earliest comments are below.

Michal Bartold - 10/23/00 13:57:04
Email :   mapso (at) poczta.onet.pl
Comment :    My name is Michal Bartold. I live in Poland, in Ciechanow. I'm 21. Prosze o kontakt. Poszukuje rodziny rozsianej po calym swiecie.

Annett Berthold - 09/21/00 20:33:21
Email :   Annett-Jens (at) t-online.de
Comment :    Hi from Germany, from Saxonia. I married last year, so my name is now Berthold, but the father of my husband hasn't much information about his father, the source of our surname. He was "made" during world war II near Chemnitz. I'm very happy to find such large site with informations about the name and I try to get the lost part of the family. When I have an overview I will connect again. Thanks for the first informations. By Annett

Roberlie Smith - 08/01/00 00:56:00
Email :   Roberlie (at) yahoo.com
Comment :    Hi.. wow what a page! Tons of information.. it really made me feel so much better. I have been down because I have been searching to no avail for my Berchtold line. In case you or someone else knows something.. they were Joseph Berchtold and Rosina Berctold.. Rosina born October 29, 1859 in Langweid, Germany.. nothing known about Joseph.. they had a daughter Marie born in same place, on Feb. 5, 1887. Documentation shows nothing about Joseph. Family story has it that he was a duke, and that he came to Y looking for daughter to no avail. Apparently, Rosina brought child to CT, USA and left her here, at age 3. Marie, my g. grandmother never knew either parent. Rosina left Residence Certificate with Marie before she left. I would be elated to know if you know anything at all about the Berchtold's of this area and time. Thanks again for all the insight! I am so please to have at least that much information about my missing family! Blessings to you, Roberlie

LeRoy Bergthold - 07/31/00 17:12:03
Email :   LBergthold (at) aol.com
Comment :    Appreciate the valuable historical background. Somewhere along the line before 1747, a "g" was added to the name Berthold to make the Bergthold before 1747. There was a Jacob B. who had a son Daniel, born 1747. His son John (1772) had Jacob (1794)who had Daniel (1821), who had Henry in (1848). Somebody knows the genealogical connection to the previous spellings that are found in "Origins of the Name". That was a tremendous work and labor of love. Response would be appreciated to bridge the gap. LeRoy

Genevieve Berlett - 04/04/00 03:14:16
Email :   berlett (at) worldnet.att.net
Comment :    This is a very nice web site with plenty of information. It would be nice to know more of Polish culture like food and holidays - maybe Berthold traditions in Poland? Keep up the great work here, love it!

Magdalena Bartnicka - 02/28/00 13:07:59
Email :   ragga (at) poczta.onet.pl
Comment :    I didn't find myself on your family-tree but I'm glad that i found this page. It's really good!!!

Louis W. Rettig - 02/19/00 05:30:53
Email :   LRettig (at) Chipshot.net
Comment :    I was researching and trying to find military record for Paul Rettig, Pvt. in Well's Texas Cavalry when I located your site. Jane Rettig was my Great Grandfather's sister. I enjoyed reading your information.

KENNETH E KIRBY - 02/18/00 16:38:14
Email :   bluebear86 (at) webtv.net

Bartek Muszyński - 01/27/00 19:02:07
Email :   cottard (at) kki.net.pl
Comment :    ALl I want to say it is great site!

Ron De Giusti - 01/24/00 17:47:28
Email :   rdegiusti (at) hotmail.com
Comment :    I am doing research on my family name. My own family dates back to Friuli in the 1700's. It was great to see someone so dedicated to their research. Keep up the great work!

bertolo silvano - 12/26/99 06:24:32
Email :   casabert (at) sympatico
Comment :    I was delighted to read your research . i come from the town of Prata in the friuli region. in our family its story that you may find interesting to know that originaly ou r family was founded by a mongol prince. our home town was founded in the early 700 you may find interisting to reserch the church archives in rome.

Christine LoMacchio - 11/18/99 22:31:51
Email :   casaloma (at) erols.com
Comment :    I'm glad Christa advised me of your site. Already have it bookmarked and am sure to be visiting often.

Don Guelde - 11/06/99 20:17:10
Email :   dguelde (at) tir.com
Comment :    You have done a tremendous amount of work. I thank you very much. Stumbled across the name Bartoldi and that made me interested. Louise Bartoldi *1770. Married my 3rg gr-grandfather in Wildberg, Germany in 1790. Always wondered about the origin. Thank you. Don

Joseph William III, Radwan Dombrowski-Zondlo - 09/24/99 16:09:42
Email :   jwdiii (at) msn.com
Comment :    I've been corresponding with Christa Shutkaitis via e-mail. Thanks for posting her article regarding visiting Polish Archives. It is most helpful.

nadine stryewski - 09/07/99 13:45:47
Email :   nadine_1977 (at) hotmail.com
Comment :    My surname is Stryewski and it was very surprising to find this name on the page! greetings from germany!

Loris Bertoldo - 07/28/99 14:24:48
Email :   loris (at) nw.com.au
Comment :    I accidently stubbled accross your page, during my research of my family tree. I am very very excited that Bertoldo's had such a long history starting in Fruili, especially as it is my fathers birthplace. Perhaps I'm am a descendant from those same lines. Great stuff.

Jackie Bartold - 07/28/99 06:28:23
Email :   jbartold (at) yahoo.com
Comment :    Wow! A page devoted to Bartold's! I'm impressed. I look forward to looking through this page. My brother, David Bartold, has his webpage listed on the first page.

Nancy Galka Martin - 07/17/99 20:19:34
Email :   eugnnanc (at) cmedic.net
Comment :    I too had trouble navigating the LDS site. Your links to the LDS site assisted me in finding the film numbers I needed for my Polish villages. I've enjoyed traveling around your site. Thanks for sharing with us.

Bev Thomen - 06/22/99 23:57:31
Email :   thomen (at) juno.com
Comment :    This was a wonderful site- I learned a lot. My grandfather (born Giovanni Bertoldi in Trent, Italy -1881) immigrated to USA and became John Bartholdi. This was very interesting to learn all the other spellings and countries the family had lived in.

Joe Bobinski - 06/18/99 02:53:35
Email :   bobskibum (at) aol.com
Comment :    Very informative. I found two more films on Ploniawy that I did not know exited. Hopefully it will have additional information for me. Keep up the good work.

Klobukowski - 06/14/99 19:31:49
Email :   A.Klobukowski (at) t-online.de
Comment :    kiepska jakosc zdjec. Niestety zadnych komentarzy, historii. W sumie dobry pomysl ale nioe do konca zrealizowany.

Paul Pilawa - 03/14/99 12:13:03
Email :   Pilawa (at) online.de
Comment :    Good

judith barthold desimone - 02/25/99 02:38:59
Email :   jfdesi (at) att.net
Comment :    delighted to find references to family..ernest barthold from alsace (we think) came to usa in time to fight in the civil war from illinois..hope to be able to contribute more when i get the american trail completed. thanks

Makowiecki - 02/09/99 12:41:27
Email :   Makow (at) mfn.de
Comment :    Sehr gute Seite.!!! Mfg. K.Makowiecki (Dolega/Makowiecki)

Agnes Drewniany - 02/03/99 01:28:19
Email :   drewniany (at) iname.com
Comment :    Agnes (Peter's mom) found a spelling error. In your summary of personal history, in the second full paragraph, you typed "and degree" when it should have been "any degree". Otherwise, she was very impressed.

Waddie *Bos'n Mate* Salmon - 11/15/98 05:34:07
Email :   waddie (at) earthlink.net
Comment :    A most interesting web site. Glad I stopped by. Thanks!

Christa Shukaitis - 07/27/98 02:11:30
Email :   chrishuk (at) aol.com
Comment :    Thom has done a very thorough job in compiling and presenting the information on the Bartold family. Additionally, he offers help to other researchers. Well done!

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