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My Polish Roots

This is a launching page for my personal links to Polish families that I am researching. The idea, for this page, is to create trees from each set of my great-grandparents down, with any information I've been able to collect on them. This might help me find other relatives who might know more, and possibly connect to them with DNA. So, what I am working on now is trying to identify all of the descendants of my great grandparents. That is what folows on the pages linked below.

I have, obviously, four sets of great-grandparents, and that's where I begin. Links to the four family pages are at the bottom of this page. Let me start by detailing my connections back to my great-grandparents, all of whom were born in the territory of what is now Poland, and six out of eight of them remained there. Two of my great-grandparents emigrated to the USA, although neither ever became a citizen of the USA. I beleive that all of my grandparents considered themselves to be Polish, although one was born in the USA and the other three emmigrated to the USA. All of them eventually became citizens of the USA, except for the one who was born in the USA who lost her citizenship. I'll explain this contradiction further on the Wojcinski page.

I am currently using genealogy software called Gramps which is one of the few programs avaialable on Linux/Ubuntu. Online I have been building the family tree at Family Search and Geni and here's me on Geni, since they are both free. I was using MyHeritage some time ago, since it was free for small trees, but my tree grew too big, and I deleted it from there. Later, I decided to pay for the service so I started my tree again at MyHeritage, but gave up again since the cheapest subscription is not much better than nothing, it is now controlled by Lorraine Kulig, although I tried to delete it. The other big advantage of Geni and Family Search, in my opinion, is that they have single instances of all individuals. We all share one big family tree. With MyHeritage, there are multiple instances of each indivdual, and you need to match them with the same individual in other trees. Every subscriber has a unique instance of each individual, with possibly different data in each one. I have been using Family Search mostly to locate records for my tree in USA. I sometimes use it to view records from Poland, although those are not searchable. For searches in Poland I mainly use genealodzy. Sometimes those refernce the images stored on the Family earch website. Most of my searches for the Bartold and Nałęcz are in Mazowieckie "Teren", while Muszyński, Jurasz, and Sibilski are in Łódźkie. With Wojcinski there are problems doing any searches. Marcin came from Wielkopolskie, but those records are generally not available online, although many marriage records are indexed at the Poznan Project. Also Marcin's second wife, Franciszka, my great-grandmother, seems to have been hiding her identity: her family name might have been either Szyszka, Jankowska or something else, and I am unsure where she came from. She may have been from Rypin, which is in Kujawsko-Pomorskie. In any case, all of my ancestors are apparently from central Poland.

Following is the information that I have collected so far. I'm using the Graphical Report functions in Gramps to print out trees now, but I still need to see if I can customize them somewhat; the place names are currently a little to long for the boxes. Also, in the printouts from MyHeritge, it was possible to color the male vs female boxes differently, which was a feature I liked, but it's unclear if that's possible with Gramps.

Ancestors of Thomas Michael Bartold

The Four Families

Each of these links leads to a page with information I have collected so far. There is some duplication between the pages when the families crossover, but that can't be helped.

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