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General Information

Problems with polish accents

I am using Central European (specifically Windows 1250) Document Encoding. This is because I edit most of my pages with a windows based text editor (Kedit for Windows), and then view them with Netscape 4.50. Many of my pages use polish accented letters, but they should automatically select the correct font in your browser. If not, it would help to set your browser to use a Latin-2 font (in Netscape 4.5, select View, Character Set, Central European (Windows-1250) for best results.

I had assumed that the ISO-8859-2 convention for Central European fonts was compatible with the Windows-1250 encoding, but this is not true. A page created under Windows, and then displayed assuming the ISO convention, will have the "a-ogonkiem" letters wrong, both upper and lower case. Look at this page for an example and the character codes: ISO-8859-2.

Alternately a page created with an ISO compliant ediotor, like Netscape Composer 4.5, and then displayed assuming the Windows convention, will have the "a-ogonkiem, s-kreska, and z-kreska" letters wrong, both upper and lower case. Look at this page for an example and the character codes: Windows-1250.

So I've decided to accept window encoding for now, and had make a slight change to the html code on all the pages in February 1999, when I finally realized my mistake.

For more info on Polish fonts, I have some links on my links page


The pages are currently presented in English with Polish or German or French or Latin extracts. Not all extracts have been translated, but I will do that eventually. What I would really like to do is to build a couple of versions eventually, one in Polish, and one in English, maybe one in German, but my translation abilities just aren’t good enough yet.

Other Caveats

The construction of this site is very much a work in progress, and I will be infrequently updating different pages on the web. This represents a significant chunk of my research, but is by no means comprehensive. A lot of info is just on paper, or if in electronic form, I just haven't put it on the website yet. This is also very much a learning experience for me, so things don't always get done correctly the first time around.

My main genealogical project is researching the roots of the BARTOLD surname in Poland, and its sources in the name Berthold/Berchtwald in the mists of time.

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