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Other Bartold Researchers

If you want to be included here, please Submit your Info via email. Please include some information on your own research interests, to encourage others to contact you.

Known Bartold Researchers

Name: Thomas M. Bartold
Email: hidden
WebPage: https://www.bartold.com/
Info: I am the Bartold Surname Resource Center Web Master, and am researching the BARTOLD surname mainly in Poland, and especially around Ciechanów, and especially the noble family connections, but am interested in any instances anywhere in the world.

Name: Annita and Walt Zalenski
Email: atzki (at) aol.com
WebPage: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Valley/2702/
Info: Annita and Walt are mainly interested in Bartold's in the Ciechanów province (like me) but especially in the Pałuki and Zielona parishes. Please see their Web Page for other families they are researching (like ZALENSKI - ZAŁĘSKI in Poland and lots of others in Italy).

Name: Connie Czaplicki
Email: czaplicki (at) aol.com
Info: Connie is looking specifically for information on Maryanna BARTOLD born around 1822 (who married his great grandfather Andrzej CZAPLICKI sometime before 1848). The CZAPLICKI's lived in the Dziergowo parish, but there are no other BARTOLD's in those records. Her parents were probably Franciszek BARTOLD and Malgorzata SZYPULSKA (married 1819 in Krzynowłoga Mała parish).

Name: Marianna Bartold
Email: hearts (at) homemail.com
Info: Looking for living relatives of Josef Bartold, Daniel Bartold, or Leonard Bartold (my father-in-law).
Leonard is one son of Damazy Bartold, who was a soldier in World War I. Damazy fought for the "Polish Army in France" which was made up mostly of "Polish"-Americans.
Marianna is my only contact (currently) with the decendants of Damazy Bartold, who was the progenitor of one of the Detroit Bartold clans (my grandfather was the other).

Name: Robert Bartold
Email: rbartold (at) mos.gov.pl
Info: Robert is the only one in Poland on my list, so I'll include his note in Polish.
"Ja tez jestem zainteresowany historia mojej rodziny. Moj dziadek urodzil sie w CIOLKOWIE w woj. ciechanowskim. Jest zatem duze prawdopodobienstwo, ze jestesmy jakos spokrewnieni. Dotychczas poznani przeze mnie BARTOLDOWIE pochodzili najczesciej z okolic Ciechanowa i PLOCKA. Znalalem rowniez w herbarzu polskim zapis o herbie BARTOLD'ow z XV wieku."

Name: Jodi and Mark Bartold
Email: ces01 (at) gate.net
Info: My dad (Mieczyslaw) was born in Grodzisk, Mazowiecki, Poland, on the 9th of March 1937. His sister (Halina) was born in Piasto'n, Poland on the 21st day of December 1932. They came to the United States in November 15, 1951 to Buffalo, New York.
His sister, my Aunt Halina, lives in West seneca, New York. Her son Teddy Poslinski is a member of the Polish Club at the University of Buffalo. He sent my dad some literature on the Bartold name which told of the history especially the different changes in the coat of arms. It looks just like the one on your web site.
The papers My Cousin Teddy sent also had dates of certain campaigns. My dad misplaced these papers which were just a copy of what my cousin found at the University of Buffalo. The papers were also in Polish. It seems to me and my dad even said that there were dates of Bartolds before Napoleanic times living in Poland.

Name: Dionizy Apolinary Bartold
Email: dionizy (at) hotmail.com
Info: I'm waiting for more information from this one:
Z pryjemnoscia odczytalem Pana strone w internecie. Tusze, ze pochodzi Pan w prostej linii z naszego rodu. Prosze o kontakt, gdyz mam sporzadzone bardzo dokladne drzewo genealogiczne naszej familiji. Wiele nowych informacji moglbym wiec wniesc do tego co Pan przedstawia na internecie.

Name: Patricia
Email: pjrowell (at) jps.net
Info: Info: Our only Bartold ancestor proven to date is:

¦ Elizabeth BARTOLD
¦ Abt 1738
¦ of Berks Co, Pennsylvania
¦   MARRIAGE:Abt 1760      MRIN: 697
¦ Johann Konrad KIRSCHNER
¦ Oct 1734
¦ Langenselbold,,,Germany
We have not found parents for Elizabeth, but as noted, her husband is from Germany. If you know the family of this Elizabeth Bartold, please let us know, any help will be very much appreciated.

St. Louis Bartold researchers

Name: Dave Dollard
Email: dollard (at) cdmnet.com
Info: Dave has the only online genealogical info out there on the St. Louis Bartolds. He has Lynn Bartold as the daughter of Harry Charles "Bud" Bartold, and that's all. The Bartolds there have been in the same area for over 100 years, but I know nothing more about them. I'm sure Dave would like more information if you have it.

Name: Dale Louis Bartold
Email: meghon1 (at) gte.net
Info: This note arrived in September from Dale who is in Arizona, and apparently decended from some of those St. Louis Bartolds.
I am looking for any information on Louise Charles BARTOLD or Jo BARTOLD. In looking for information on my dad's family I came across your home page. My dads name is Dale Louis Bartold. He was born in St.Louis, Mo. His parents were Louise Charles aka George Bartold, and Stella Dale Bartold. I am hoping to be able to trace his family tree.
Later Dale had the following to offer. I have not seen any connections but maybe someone else will?
A couple of things that I do remember are that my father had one sister and my dad's grandfathers occupation. My father's sister is suposed to be burried at a cemetary in St Louis called Bartold's Grove. Her name was Mary Ellen Bartold. I think she died in the early 1930's. She was approx 20 to 25 years old at that time.
According to my dad, my great grandfather, George or Louis George Bartold, was a police officer in Kirkwood.

Name: John Allen Bartold
Email: Bartolja (at) aol.com
Info: One more St. Louis contact:
We are in a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri. My grandfather was Albert Bartold, my father was John Oliver Bartold. I know someone is researching our family tree although I am not aware of their progress.

Bartold contacts from Down Under

Name: Peter Allen Bartold
Info: Peter is one of a small clan of Australian Bartolds. In his words:
"There are only a few of us here and we know very little of our history. My grandfather was born in Schossberg Germany in 1868 and come to Australia when he was very young with his parents. He was Paul Bartold. My grand father PAUL's parents were William Bartold and Caroline Schroder."
Later he includes the following:
Paul married Jane Rebecca Briggs (1869-1945). Paul's siblings were: Rupert, Thorald and Zilda

Name: Mark Bartold
Email: p.bartold (at) mailbox.uq.edu.au
Info: It turns out that Mark is actually related to Peter (see above). His father Geoff and Peter are first cousins. They were able to provide us with more info about the Australian Bartolds. In the words of Mark's father Geoff:
"My grandfather was Paul Bartold. My recollections of him and his wife Jane stem back to my quite early childhood when we would visit them in the medium sized country town of Castlemaine in the goldfield area of the state of Victoria. He was at this time retired, but had been a circuit magistrate attending courts in nearby towns as well as Castlemaine. He was a very pleasant benign gentleman who would always meet us at the station with a hansom cab.
We were always led to believe that he came to Australia at about age four (this is correct), from Schleswig Holstein a province of Denmark which was annexed by Prussia in 1866. However, a letter (copy attached) from my cousin Vivienne Payne (nee Bartold) casts doubt on this and her findings would seem to be more correct."
So what follows is from Vivienne's letter:
"Grandpa Bartold's father William was born in Schonberg, Germany. There are four towns of that name, but from what Dad told me it was Schonberg in the Duchy of Mecklenberg - Stettin, and that is as far as we have gone at present. We have contacted the Historical Society in Kyneton, where he died, and also Maffra where he lived most of his life in Australia, but have not yet heard from them. Trouble is every place we contact asks for a fee, which makes the search a bit expensive. However, we shall plug on. We had more luck with Grandma Bartold's antecedents. Her name was Briggs. Her father Harrison Briggs who with his father Christopher, and his two brothers Robinson and William came out to Australia from Yorkshire on the Northumberland in 1849 to Hobart from Hatfield near Doncaster in Yorkshire. We have not yet found out when they came over to Victoria.
Grandma Bartold was always a bit vague where Grandpa came from, as during and after World War I, there was a bit of a stigma attached to anyone of German birth, and she seemed to discourage me from talking to Grandpa about it. She apparently didn't get on too well with her mother-in-law who was a rather strict sort of person. We do know that Grandpa Bartold's father William was a botanist, and had a degree from Leipzig University and did quite a lot of work for Baron von Meuller."
Note: Von Meuller was very famous botanist in Australia and did a lot of work in identifying native plants and seting up the wonderful botanic gardens in Melbourne.

Other Known Bartolds... not researchers, but here's what they have to say anyway

Name: Robert Bartold
Email: Bob.Bartold (at) pervasive.com
Info: Although not a genealogical researcher, I include Robert here as my only contact to the "New Jersey" Bartolds. Robert is a grandson of Edmund and Marianne Bartold who came from Poland in the early 1900's. Both are deceased. Although the majority of the decendandts still reside in New Jersey, Robert lives in Texas.

Name: olivia bartold
Email: carriek (at) cgocable.net
Info: hi! i'm not sure where i'm writing but, if there is any info avalible about bartold i'd like to find out. my name is olivia bartold and i live in welland, ontario. i'm 15 years old. my parents are john and teresa bartold and lived in poland their whole lives until 1982-1983, along with my brother Mariusz Bartold now 31

Name: Carla Karaszewski (BARTOLD)
Email: ckarasze (at) apacteleservices.com
Info: I found your web site very interesting as I was formerly a "BARTOLD" But I haven't done the research on my ancestors or anything. Who know's, maybe we could be related!!

Barthold variations

Name: Ann Lester
Email: ALester172 (at) aol.com
Special Image: Barthold Family Crest
Info: Here's a scan of the family crest. It was done by my uncle, Jim Simmons, when he was a teenager so I don't know where he got the information and whether it is correct or not.
My earliest Barthold ancestor that I know much about is Charles Barthold, who was born in Saxony, a German province, on March 30, 1827. He came to the United States, landing in New York City, spent the first year in PA, then moved to Rusk Co., TX. In 1856 he married Jane Rettig, who was born in Arkansas of German parents. He remained there until 1877 when he moved to Parker Co., TX in 1877. He died in 1901 and is buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Wetherford, TX. (I have a copy of his biography from History of Texas and also from The Lone Star State.
On the back of a Barthold family crest there is a list that says Charles' parents were Charles Fredric Barthold and Henrietta Lemrich. The top of the paper is torn but it looks like his father was John Adolphus Barthold.

Bertold/Berthold and other variations

Name: Marinella Joketovic
Email: marinella13 (at) yahoo.com
Info: My family Berthold comes from Sudetenland, Podersam. I know certain details about my great-grandfather Franz Berthold (son of Anton Berthold) who left the country at that time, and came to Bosnia and Herzegovina (Tuzla) where he worked, got married with Maria Segat and died.
His family broke every relation with him (most probably because of different consideration about life) and never contacted him after his departure. Isn't it sad??? So, I am one of their numerous great grandchildren, presently living in Mostar (due to my job), married with an French citizen whose family name is Berthoud. Very similar to Berthold!!!
My 3rd grandfather: Anton Berthold (Born in Chmeleschen) married with Paulina Kral
My 2nd grandfather: Franz Berthold (Born in Chmeleschen, Area of Podersam, Land Bohmen-Kreis Saaz, 24 October 1865) married with Maria S. Baptista in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina 07 January 1901 (9 children).
My grandmother: Maria Berthold (Born in Tuzla, 14 June 1904) married with Matija Joketovic

Bertoldo is the main Italian variation

Name: Mike Vairo
Email: mike_vairo (at) lajolla.sparta.com
Info: My Bertoldo family ties are to a small village near the French border in north west Italy.

Name: Andrea Bertoldo
Email: abertoldo (at) yahoo.com
Info: I really don't know much about my heritage and where my name came from, but I've been trying to figure it out. My last name Bertoldo, can be spelt many different ways and the only thing I know is that my ancestors came from Italy. I think they came from a town near Rome but I'm not quite sure.

Bartholdi/Bartoldi French or Italian?

Name: Chris Campolo
Email: campolo (at) geocities.com
Info: Bartholdi was my mother's mother's maiden name. She (my maternal grandmother) had eight siblings. Their father (that would be my maternal grandmother's father) spoke Italian, not French.
With regards to F. A. Bartholdi, co-designer of the statue of Liberty, I found out a few (disappointing) things about him by writing to the genealogical society at Colmar, France. Chief fact about FAB (genealogically speaking) is that he had no children.
My notes indicate that the Bartholdis (the FAB clan) had been in France from the 1600's, and that they were probably from Italy. (i think this is from _The Statue of Liberty_ by William Shapiro 1985.)
There's the Musee Bartholdi in Colmar, France. Bound to be helpful if you're anywhere near it.
There's also a municipal archives in Colmar which might be of help: Archive municipales, Hotel de ville, F. 68021 Colmar Cedex.
The address of the Cercle Genealogique D'Alsace: 5 rue Fischart, F 67000 Strasbourg. Here are the citations they gave me:
Paul Romane-Musculus, Genealogie B dans _Annuaire de Colmar_, 1967, p. 95-106. (Un texte plus complet)
U. Lampert, "Die Pfarrer familie Barthold(i) in Francken, Hessen und Elsas" in _Herrische Familienkunde_, t. 10, 1971, col. 249-256.

Name: Kevin Rohm
Email: rohm (at) bellsouth.net
Info: What we know of the family Bartoldi is rather extensive. Our tree goes back to the 1500s - The Bartoldis of Trent were nobles, there is even a scholarship for the first born son of the first born that continues to this day in Trent, IT.
The area of Trent (also Trento) has been under territorial dispute over these past 450 years falling under the control of one empire after another -- Austrian, Prussian, Hungarian, Balkan, etc. It fell under control of Italy at the end of WWI where it remains today.
All the information I do have shows Bertoldi coming from Italy, from a city named Caset. The information was compiled for my great-grandfather from the records of Pieve, the official seat of San Zeno. I assume that Caset, Italy is near San Zeno, Italy.
My great-grandfather requested the baptisms and marriage records of his family and was sent a list that went back to 1580. I'm lucky we had this, today I'm being told that the priests in Italy have no time to send such records. Which has ended my research with that information.

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