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Where's Thom Now???

It has been 10 years since I last up dated this page. I'm going to try and to this more often now.

I returned to the US and to studies in Ann Arbor in September of 2000. I have actually been in the same city for more than seventeen years! That's just not right. I was at the University of Michigan studying for a while, the Ai stuff was fun but the Computer Theory stuff was more interesting. And then worked at Soartech for a couple years doing mostly AI, which was still fun, but finally ended up doing Software at ProQuest, which was less than fun.

I don't know why I stuck itout as long as I did, but now I've decided to quit/retire, and get on with my life.

As I write this, I'm divesting myself of all my posessions, and preparing to go vagabond. I still have a few things to get out of my apartment in Ann Arbor, and it is turning out to be stressful. I realy need everything out, and have been trying to donate everything to charities, but there's just some stuff that I have that apparently no charities want. In any case, I will be on the road again on April 20th (awesome date). Initially I'm just taking a MegaBus to Chicago, and will hang out with old friends, but then will be flying to Saint Petersburg, Russia, arriving on the Mayday holiday, to begin a six-month intensive course in the Russian language (and it's culture and literature).

I hope to update this page as time goes on, but I probably need to find a better way to do this. Currently, I am just editing the HTML page directly in atom (q.v.atom.io).

Here's a little program I wrote

My version of the Matchstick Clock is actually an 'executable jar file', i.e. a java program that you need to download to your computer to run.

This was inspired by a much cooler Matchstick Clock that I came across and thought was cool. Christiaan Postma's Clock or Christiaan Postma's Matchstick Clock. His is made of real clocks ("matchsticks"). Mine is just a program.

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