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Last updated: 1998-05-20
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General Info

Most of my research is set in Poland, and a some of it is in the polish language. So I use a lot of polish words (and letters) in my pages. Set your browser to use a Latin-2 / Windows-1250 / Central European font.

I currently have two seperate genealogical projects:

The first project is finding my ancestors and where they came from in Poland. My grandparents (and great-grandparents) were all born around the end of the 19th century in what was the Kingom of Poland under Russian or German rule. I'd like to get as far back as possible, but genealogical records in Poland are often hard to come by, and linking up from the US has been difficult. Three of my grandparents came from the Russian part: Wacław BARTOLD in 1906, Franciszek SIBILSKI in 1904 and Janina MUSZYŃSKA in 1920. The fourth, Rozalia WOJCINSKA, was actually born in Detroit. Her father Marcin WOJCINSKI came from the German part of Poland around 1883. Her mother Franciszka SZYSZKA came from the Russian part about 1892. I currently have next to no information on the Wojcinski's, and it may be that Marcin's wife Franciszka actually was a JANKOWSKA from the village of Szyszka. I will be creating a seperate page with more details later.

The second project is that I am researching the roots of the BARTOLD surname in Poland. I have developped a separate suite of pages for the results of that research. The name dates back to the 13th century in Poland and all together there are about 800 BARTOLD (or BARTOŁD) in modern day Poland. Before that it may have only been a given name (named after Saint Bertold), or it may already have been a family name in Germany, and originated there. The name has also been found in Germany, and France since the middle ages, and later in Russia. Currently it is also found in many other countries. More information is available here: BARTOLD Surname Resource Center

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