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My Other Site(s)

All of this is severely outdated, but remains here for historical reasons.

These are free sites (and email accounts) that I've acquired along the way, in search of the perfect solution. There's nothing much on any of them anymore, but I can always use them again for expansion (or mirroring). I only have 5MB on my pay site. You can check them out and see what a real basic page looks like, just in case you're looking for a free site.

Krakowski Komercyjny Internet "http://www.kki.net.pl/bartold/" My site at KKI
email (bartold (at) kki.net.pl)
pop only
6 MB Web Space banner recommended.
Polish Server.
CrossWinds My site at CrossWinds
email (bartold (at) crosswinds.net)
pop or forwarded (->thom (at) bartold.com)
or "http://cwmail.crosswinds.net/" browser based
Unlimited(!) Web Space Often Slow.
Being Removed.
"http://xoom.com/home/" Xoom "http://members.xoom.com/bartold/" My site at Xoom
email (bartold (at) xoommail.com)
browser based
11 MB Web Space recently acquired by NBCi.com.
being removed
OptimusNet in Poland My site at onet
email (bartold (at) poczta.onet.pl)
pop or forward (->onet (at) bartold.com).
or browser based
3 MB Web Space Polish server.
PacWan "http://perso.pacwan.fr/bartold" My site at PacWan
email (bartold (at) pacwan.fr).
pop only
15 Meg Web Space This was not free but was my Access Provider in Aix. I don't know why it's still there.
CAD Technologies My pay site
email (bartold (at) bartold.com)
pop or forwarding
This is my Virtual Domain Provider $7.99 a month gets me an IP address for my domain name, email, and 5MB Space.
The following are only for forwarding... no online storage
BigFoot http://www.bigfoot.com/~bartold Web URL address forwarding (->http://www.bartold.com). Email forwarding (bartold (at) bigfoot.com -> thom (at) bartold.com).
The following are only for email only... some POP some browser, a mix
Yahoo Mail Browser email (bartold (at) yahoo.com). Can access other POP accounts Actually GeoCities too.
HotMail Browser email (bartold (at) hotmail.com). Can access other POP accounts
Netscape NetCenter WebMail Browser email (tbartold (at) netscape.net). I have to have this uid to download netscape They won't let me have bartold even though I had it before
IName Browser email (thom (at) bartold.com)
or forwarding (->iname (at) bartold.com)
Mail can be sent from any browser or smtp mail program. Pop mail costs extra. I use this exclusively to send mail. 
One last reference... 
InterNIC This is the place all virtual domains are registered. $35.00 a year gets me my domain name.

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