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Email :   http://geraldine.jl-eua.com/
Comment :   Realy good site! Vist us: http://geraldine.jl-eua.com/ geraldine

Bartold Ivcevic
Email :   bartold (at) email.t-com.hr
Comment :   Hi, my name is Bartold and last name is Ivcevic I live in Split Croatia and I thought I was the only one with this name but I see I am not the only one. Big Hi to all the Bartolds.

Jeff Jarosz
Email :   jeffjarosz (at) jhu.edu
Comment :   Thanks for disseminating all this research about the Bartolds. My great-great-great grandmother was Aniela Bartold, daughter of Wawrzyniec Bartold. I know this courtesy of Christa S., who has researched our common Slaski ancestry.

Matthew Bartol
Email :   never_00 (at) hotmail.com
Comment :   Its great to know that there is history behind the name. This is the first site I seen with any info on it. Great job on the research.

Richard R. Rogowski
Email :   RogowskiRR (at) aol.com
Comment :   A treasure of genealogy for you and others. My fathers family comes from Ciechanow; I have relatives in Ciechanow (Marek Rogowski); and just outside Goryse. I visit with them about once a year. Also, relatives in Zielona Gora. We live in Florida and Delaw

Email :   danieldourados1 (at) yahoo.com.br
Comment :   Hello I am Daniel Lapchenski I search for family Lapchenski, please. If the name is actualy is Łapczyński, then them family emblem could be Jelita, the one with the three crossed cavalary lances. The form Łapczeński is valid too. Enclosed is

Email :   youth (at) poczta.fm
Comment :   Hi My name is Tobiasz Im 21 living in Paris where I moved 2 y. ago from Ostrow Wielkopolski in Poland My fathers name is Jacek and my grandpas was Ryszard All the best for our family... T.B. PS Im very happy that the page exists:D

darrell dietrich conwell
Email :   darrell-dietrich-conwell (at) web.de
Comment :   You have a nice webpage.Greeings from Darrell Dietrich Conwell .

darrell dietrich conwell
Email :   darrell-dietrich-conwell (at) web.de
Comment :   Your Genealogy webpage is very interesting.

Sarah Barthold Holland
Email :   sarah (at) gantthead.com
Comment :   Hello, I came across your site by accident after searching my maiden name which is Barthold. Look forward to checking out the site in more detail.

Michael White
Email :   mbwtigers (at) hotmail.com
Comment :   Great site, Thom! Im new to this. Maternal grandpa was Peter Bartold, b. Poland 2/15/97, emigrated ca 1910, settled Sturgis, MI via Hartford, Ct. M. Clara Kibiloski of Bronson, MI 1921. D. Sturgis,2/15/74. 2 sisters emigrated, to Hartford & Baltimore. Pet

Jacek Kink
Email :   kinsky (at) ts7.n1.pl
Comment :   Hi Thomas, I live in Poland (Warsaw). My grandfathers mother name was Paulina Bartold. Here Ive found plenty of very interesting informations about her family roots and I would like to know more about it. This is great site. It inspiring me to make som

Email :   ula_gulbi (at) hotmail.com
Comment :   Hello, By maiden name is also Bartold. I am originally from Poland but now live in Canada. Where are you from? Maybe a relative?????

Kathy Ridley
Email :   gcridley (at) comcast.net
Comment :   Searching the web to try and find out how to go about finding the history of my grandfather, who was from Poland. Last name Stachura. Could somebody give me ideas as to where I need to start?

Richard R. Rogowski
Email :   RogowskiRR (at) aol.com
Comment :   First visit: 9 Jan 05. Looks great: glad I found it!

patty kennealy
Email :   pkennealy (at) verizon.net
Comment :   Thank you for your postings. I believe that I have learned much. You have obviously done more work than I, but I thought that you would like to know that there a some who are trying to trace the ancestry in the United States. I am currently studying the

Richard Zaremba
Email :   duzyorzel (at) comcast.net
Comment :   Hi Tom Looked at your site to get an update on what your doing now. Have not seen you in a long time. When your home in Detroit give me a call. You still have a interesting site.

Dave & Trish Camilleri
Email :   trish (at) daveandtrish.com
Comment :   HI!

Lidia Bartold
Email :   lidia_bartold (at) yahoo.fr
Comment :   Very interesting page! Thomas, I heard already this story about the soldier Bartold under Napoleon from my grandfather!

Email :   andrerohloff (at) web.de
Comment :   Suche nach den Familien REINERT und Skoruppa aus Posnowitz Kreis Groß Strehlitz. Wer kann mir weiterhelfen?

Marinella Berthoud,born Joketovic
Email :   marinella.berthoud (at) tel.net.ba
Comment :   I have difficulties ti get any info. regarding my BERTHOLDs from Gros Chmelischen, Sudets....Anyway, its a big pleasure to see the job well done by Thomas. Regards

Doreen Bartoldus
Email :   dbartoldus (at) pirnie.com
Comment :   Just playing with the last name on the internet and found your site. Quite a good amount of research. I have heard that our surname was traced to Alsace-Louraine (spelling?) in middle ages. Some of your research confirms this. Best wishes on your continue

Email :   poulerik (at) get2net.dk
Comment :   Sorry I forgot to tell you that I am looking for my family that came to Denmark (Bornholm) in 1910 Piort and Agneska Kubicki / kubitski - with regard 04032004

Email :   poulerik (at) get2net.dk
Comment :   Hi there, I`am looking after the location for Wrona and something like Sajontschki - Zajoutschki - Zajontschki - Can you help me ? thanks and greating from Denmark

Jamie Bartol
Email :   thebartols (at) msn.com
Comment :   I have been searching dilligently for the Bartol family crest and family motto. I read in your article that Bartol is derived from the name Bartold so I am wondering if the two family crests and mottos are similar. I would really like to find the Bartol F

Barbara Volkomer
Email :   barbaraevolkomer (at) hotmail.com
Comment :   Hi my grandfather Marcel Cieciorkowski came from Cieciorki and maybe from Ciechanow. I am just finding this information and hope I can find more I enjoyed your site. Maybe one day I will do one of my own. I live in Ocala, Florida, USA

Carol Van Horn
Email :   cvhjeremiah2911 (at) aol.com
Comment :   Hi, Really enjoyed reading all of your hard work. I was fascinated with your information on Princess Kundaguna(?). I have heard stories about this name since I was a child but the timeline would have been much later but the names all seem very similar. F

Peter Bartold
Email :   restora (at) impaq.com.au
Comment :   my grandfather came from Schonberg Germany in about 1870 I am having difficulty in finding this place it my be in the Duchy of Mickelberg . any help out there

Roman I. Zerebecki h. sas
Email :   roma-jh (at) narod.ru
Comment :   very well side.

Olivia Bartold
Email :   obartold (at) uoguelph.ca
Comment :   Thank you very much for making such a wonderful page. As one of very few Bartolds in Canada, I am grateful for this excellent online source to help feel more connected to my family in Poland, as well as helping me learn the origins of my name.

Grzegorz Ostraszewski
Email :   ostras (at) interia.pl
Comment :   Dear All. I`m Grzegorz Ostraszewski from Poland ,City WROCLAW (38). I look for same persom form family OSTRASZEWSKI. My father Władyslaw Ostraszewski born in PONIATÓW in 1930 ,my grnndfather Michał Ostraszewski. If you can help me to send same contacts a

Mel Graham
Email :   melgraham (at) comcast.net
Comment :   This is a wonderful site. However, I am unable to find the town of Chudzyno, Mazowieckie. There are so many places on the map of Poland called Mazowieckie, Im afraid I am missing something. My great great grandfather listed this as his hometown on his imm

thomas bartels
Email :   th_bartels (at) web.de
Comment :   Hey my name is thomas bartels and i live in the north of germany in schleswig-holstein near kiel and i came from bremen. this homepage is very nice. best regards to all bartel(s) thomas bartels

Email :   DIBartold (at) blomand.net

Stacie Bartoldo-George
Email :   george (at) gbis.com
Comment :   Thanks for starting this site. Im still looking for any connection to my family.

Michal Bartold
Email :   mbart79 (at) o2.pl
Comment :   My new e-mail adress!

Stanley Edward Bartold, Jr.
Email :   herb (at) usfamily.net
Comment :   Hi Great to find your web pages! Im looking for any info I can find on my father and my half brother. Im 75 and my father was born in 1890. Stanley Edward Bartold, Jr.

T Berthold
Email :   Mail (at) waiohine.co.nz
Comment :   My great grand father left Wurtenburg Germany circa 1855 to New Zealand he was the thirteenth child and I am trying to find more he was Roman Catholic

Susan G. Lomasney
Email :   suegl0077 (at) comcast.net
Comment :   My maiden name is Susan G. Bartold.

Carrie Bartoldus
Email :   twowings19 (at) hotmail.com
Comment :   We still live on a small piece of that property. Especially exciting for us to read about was St. Bertold of Mount Carmel! We are Baha'is. How absolutely wonderful to find this connection. Thank-you Thom, for your hard work!

Carrie Bartoldus
Email :   twowings19 (at) hotmail.com
Comment :   Really great site. Our info: Frederick Joseph Bartoldus came to USA in 1850 from Borgentreich Prussia. He finally settled in Astoria OR in about 1865 after visiting once and then fighting in the Civil War. He obtained a land grant from Pres. Grant. We sti

Marinella Berthoud
Email :   marinellaberthoud (at) hotmail.com
Comment :   Hello from Bosnia!!! My grandmother was Berthold.Her father was born in Chmeleschen-Podersam (Sudets) on 1864. Family moved from Sudets to Switzerland (Zurich). Looking for possible living relatives.

Bob Bartoldus
Email :   bobbart (at) attglobal.net
Comment :   Great website! very helpful in tracing the name Bartoldus. I recently went to Germany and was able to trace the name Bartoldus as coming from the town of Borgholz as early as 1650.

Kimberly Barto Smith
Email :   Kimbatta (at) yahoo.com
Comment :   Wonderful site. My Great-Grandfather was Walter Vincent Bartold. He shortened his name to Barto when he entered the US Army in 1925. His family lived in the NY and NJ area. His parents came over from Poland before 1905, but I have not been able to find an

William Bartholdt
Email :   bbartholdt (at) grahamdunn.com
Comment :   You have done an amazing amount of work -- very interesting! I'm unaware of my family history more than 2 generations back, but family lore (no facts) is that the name was changed from "von Bartholdt" at some point. The only well known Bartholdt is Richar

Michael Bartoldo
Email :   bartoldo (at) earthlink.net
Comment :   Hello from the U.S.A. My Bartoldo/Bertoldo family in the US is originally from Italy. Looks like there is much research to be done on the roots of the name. Thanks and great page. Michael T. Bartoldo

Email :   antek1 (at) o2.pl
Comment :   Hello. I live in Krzynowłoga Mała. I want to find people whose lived there.

Tiffany A. Bartoldus
Email :   frogcutefrog (at) aol.com
Comment :   Hello all I was happy to see this web page ! I live in the USA and I just moved to Alaska from Texas!

Lilianna Szwejkowska
Email :   lilianna szwejkowska (at) hoga.pl
Comment :   Hello! I'm Mrs Szwejkowska only from September 2001 - since then I'm married to a Daniel Szwejkowski. It was a surprise to find so many links here! Many greetings!

Thom Bartold
Email :   genealogy (at) bartold (dot) com
Comment :   I just found out that my old GuestBook was no longer working. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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