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The Detroit Free Press: May 26, 1909


Martin Washynski's Skull Fractured in Accident at the Car Shops.

Pinned under a steel crane weighing more than two tons. Martin Washynski, 363 Garfield avenue, was fatally injured, at the plant of the American Car & Foundry company, Ferry avenue and Russell street, yesterday afternoon, shortly before 1 o'clock and died at Grace hospital, two hours later, the result of a fractured skull.

His body has been removed to the morgue but Coroner Bennett will not begin his investigation of the death until this morning.

Washynski, who was a car repairer, 53 years old, was working on a car which was being moved about the yards. A projecting timber attached to the car struck the crane and sent it crashing to the ground. Washynski hearing the crash looked up, but the massive beams were already upon him, pinning him to the ground.

Hearing the shrieks of the injured man, several laborers who were working with him, succeeded in lifting the beam enough to extricate him. He was hurriedly taken to Grace hospital where he died.

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