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Antoni Sybilski and Józefa Jurasz

Antoni Szybilski was born in Krośno in Bełdow parish in 1843. Józefa Jurasz was born in 1846 in Kolonia Karolinów in Dalików parish. Both of these places are near Łódź. They married in 1862 in Bełdów parish. On the wedding record, their names were spelled Antoni Sybilski and Józefa Juras. They had at least two children in Chrośno in Bełdów before moving to Ozorków. There is a gap of 13 years in the records I have found on them.

Konstancja married (1882) Stanisław Mucha in Ozorków.

Franciszek married (1922) Janina Muszyńska in Detroit.

Jan changed his name to John Stanley in the USA and served in the army before and during World War I. It appears that he may have married a widow named Marcyanna Topor in New York, before moving to Hamtramck, but they had no children together, and she was not with him when he died.

I've included a printout of the family, with all the data I have from myheritage.com.

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