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Where's Thom Now???

I returned to the US and to studies quite some time ago now. I have actually been in the same city for more than ten years now! I did not complete doctoral studies at the University of Michigan, although I am technically still a "doctoral candidate" (the stage also known as ABD - all but disertation) which means that all I would need to do is to complete my disertation before receiving a doctoral degree. But I probably won't. Right now I'm working in Ann Arbor, but I'm always on the lookout for new opprotunities. Although, anything really cool would probably take me outside Michigan again. I don't really want to move too far from Michigan, although I have yet to find a job I'd really like here. Hopefully I can find something as close as Pittsburgh or Chicago, so I won't have to move too far away.

I have been in Ann Arbor since September of 2000, although I have moved about once every 18 months, so no address is really permanent. If you'd like to visit, just let me know. My apartment is generaly clean since I move when it gets dirty.

Here's a little program I wrote

My version of the Matchstick Clock is actually an 'executable jar file', i.e. a java program that you need to download to your computer to run.

This was inspired by a much cooler Matchstick Clock that I came across and thought was cool. Christiaan Postma's Clock or Christiaan Postma's Matchstick Clock. His is made of real clocks ("matchsticks"). Mine is just a program.

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